Yet, in the eyes of Google, blogging and generating quality content is as important as ever for your online presence.

So what’s a business to do, when business development, operations and sales clearly take precedence over content marketing and communicating via the company blog?

Well, there’s always your mobile device.

Did you know blogging from a mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad has become a useful way to streamline your content marketing activities, and publish everything from blogs and photos, videos and podcasts to your website?

It’s an approach few businesses have mastered, but they certainly like the idea of mobile blogging if my guest article on Social Media Examiner is any indicator. In less than a week, the post was shared more than than 1,650 times on Twitter, 613 times on Facebook, 349 times on LinkedIn and 290 times on Google+.

Read the article to learn more about mobile blogging and if it makes sense for your business.

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