WordPress 4.0 Features Expected to Include Content Editing Update, Improved Workflow for Plugin Installation, Improved Language Support

WordPress 4.0, named for jazz musician and “King of Swing” Benny Goodman (you heard it hear first!), is expected to be released later today, which means it’ll be time to update your WordPress site soon enough. Before doing so, be sure to back up your DB and content files and have an administrator familiar with WP “flip the switch” the right way.

We typically give it a couple days of bug reporting and hot fixes before we update our own live sites, but will update all dev servers and sites in the works to ensure our code works seamlessly with the latest and greatest version of WordPress.

In the meantime, here are some features and highlights to expect in the latest version of WordPress when it becomes available to the public.

You will be able to download the standalone version of WordPress 4.0 via the WP download page, or update from the header of your dashboard when the time comes.

For more detailed information on bug fixes in this release, you can always view closed tickets for this particular release.

Some of our favorite updates in 4.0 include:

  Updates to how the media and embedded content are managed. Media can be a pain to update on your site in previous versions, but now you can explore previous uploads and media in a pretty nifty new, “endless” grid.

  There have been a number of updates to the content editing experience, for example, the visual editor now resizes to fit the screen of your device (if on a tablet or phone for example), and just includes better handling of small screens in the media library

  Separate bulk selection mode for the media library grid view

  Visual improvements to plugin details, as a new grid view helps improve the workflow when finding and installing new plugins

  There have also been a few improvements made to the installation language selector, as admins can now install WP in their language and have streamlined language management functions from the dashboard. This is big for sites being managed by folks in multiple countries, but won’t affect small local business sites or blogs much.

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