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meadows-interactive Welcome to the WordPress Writing Tips Plugin homepage.

This FREE plugin, by Meadows Interactive, displays professional writing tips, and copywriting style and blogging advice at the top of WordPress admin area pages.

It functions similar to the “Hello Dolly” plugin, which it’s based on. The quick tips for this plugin were written by Brian Milne, who spent a decade in the newspaper business as a senior writer and editor before becoming a WP junkie.

About The Plugin

What’s the point of this plugin? To help everyday bloggers write more professionally, grammatically correct, improve on their style and blogging/SEO knowledge, and to make their work consistent with current web standards and copywriting guides used across the web.

For the most part, we follow The Yahoo! Style Guide, but there are a few instances where style is not included in the Yahoo! guide (WordPress, for example, is one word and both the W and P are uppercase!) and has been set according to brand guidelines or what official organizations have determined to be the proper usage.


Install by uploading this entire unzipped folder to your wp-content/plugins/ directory using your favorite FTP program.

Or, you can also upload the zipped file of the plugin via the WordPress dashboard by clicking on Plugins – > Add New. From there, click “upload.” That will allow you to browse your hard drive for the zipped folder and upload it.

Once uploaded, you’ll have to activate the plugin and refresh the dashboard.

When activated, you’ll notice the writing tips will start populating at the top of the admin pages.

There are close to 50 writing tips in there now, and we’ll expand on the content once we know it’s functioning properly for everyone, and bloggers are enjoying the writing tips.

More Information

For more information, or to submit your own writing tips, contact the author via Twitter @bmilneslo.

Download Free

To download the zipped plugin file (5.25 KB, Version 1.0), please visit WordPress.org via the button below:

Download the Plugin