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Survey Gizmo Domain Renewal Fail Teaches Valuable Lesson

There was a pretty big story in the online marketing world that went surprisingly unnoticed this past weekend by many tech reporters and bloggers. But if you are a member of Survey Gizmo, you probably noticed what happened. SurveyGizmo.com, a […]

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Free Grow Your Business Expo in Paso Robles

If you’re a local business looking to grow, Wednesday’s Grow Your Business Expo is the place to be.

The expo is free for local businesses and runs from 4-7 p.m. on Wed., April 11, at the Mid-State Fairground Events Center in Paso Robles.

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PPC costs rising year over year, but by how much?

If you’ve run PPC (pay per click) ad campaigns for an extended period of time using a service like Google Adwords, you’ve probably noticed an increase in the average cost per click for many search ads over the past couple years.

Which brought up a great question by a colleague of mine recently: “How much do PPC (pay per click) costs typically increase year over year?”

Unfortunately, even the big search marketing outfits haven’t provided a real go-to source that addresses this topic. I think a big part of it is they don’t want to scare off clients by telling them they can expect to pay 8-12% more on their PPC campaigns if they want to continue to compete each year.

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Mobile App Development

We’ve been spending more and more time providing mobile app development and mobile-optimized websites for San Luis Obispo County-area businesses and content producers over the past couple years. Our latest mobile app has just been launched as a public beta […]

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BlogWorld & New Media Expo Los Angeles 2011

BlogWorld has gone Hollywood.

After behind held in Las Vegas since 2008, the BlogWorld & New Media Expo has moved to Los Angeles where the three-day event kicks off today at the LA Convention Center.

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Blogging for Mobile and Today’s Busy Readers

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on ProBlogger.net by MI Founder Brian Milne. As far as you know, your blog is mobile friendly. You’ve optimized the design for mobile devices using plugins such as WPtouch. You’ve started serving Google […]

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WordCamp San Francisco: WordPress Community Gathers for Annual Conference

Well, it’s WordCamp week, which means the WordPress community’s brightest minds, bloggers, developers and designers will congregate in San Francisco for the annual event to discuss and further evolve the popular open source publishing platform. This year’s event, which will […]

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Have You Outgrown Your Blog?

This post was featured on ProBlogger.net. Thanks to Darren Rowse and his team for reaching out. We’ve all been there. You’ve been blogging for months, even years, and your blog is going nowhere fast. Traffic is stagnant. Your subscriber count […]

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Why Do We Blog?

Why do you blog? It’s a question regular bloggers field from time to time, from folks with a preconceived notion that bloggers spend most of their days cranking away on a Comodore in their mother’s musty basement. (I’m an Altair […]

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Top 25 WordPress Plugins

Now that you’ve got your WordPress site up and running, you need to install some plugins to get the most out of what the open source publishing platform has to offer. Most all of the plugins you’ll ever need can […]

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