Your Business is Better than PhotoShop

At Meadows Interactive, we believe in photography.

Good photography.

That’s why we have our own photos of the Central Coast plastered all over our site, because where we’re from plays a critical role in our business.

Our company was founded by a Central Coast native, and is powered by a team of local developers and designers from right here in San Luis Obispo County (not outsourced overseas).

And we feel it’s paramount that our website (and our client sites) reflects where we’re from, and the community we serve.

The same should be said for your local business, which is why we’re adamant about getting original, local, branded photos and imagery for all of our client websites.

We don’t settle for stock images, or take the easy way out by using PhotoShop to completely alter our banner images in hopes of fitting in with the latest marketing trend … which is what we’ve been seeing from small and even billion-dollar companies of late (see: GoDaddy):

The above screenshot was from GoDaddy’s website a couple days ago.

The following screenshot was taken today, with the same headshot of spokeswoman and racing star Danica Patrick, flaunting a pink jersey PhotoShopped over her old green fire suit.

This is a technique GoDaddy has used countless times on its homepage, which obviously converts very well considering they’ve kept the messaging the same for much of the year:

While we applaud and are passionate ourselves about cause marketing at Meadows Interactive, we also question the execution and why a billion-dollar company like GoDaddy couldn’t bother changing its messaging or even the original creative, other than painting the suit pink in PhotoShop.

Then again, that’s why we’re still a hometown marketing and web design agency on the Central Coast, and GoDaddy is a billion-dollar juggernaut in the desert … and we plan to keep it that way.

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